About Us

We are a creative studio with expertise in online strategy, user experience design, and enterprise Drupal development.

We're all about creating – and realizing – a creative strategy that actually serves your needs. We love beautiful things, but beautifully designed things are usable. Beautiful things do what you need them to do.

And when it comes to creating a website, intranet or web app for you, we start with you — your needs, your goals, your organization. We analyze your market. We become experts in you. And we help you craft a creative strategy that, when realized, actually serves your needs. And we then set about designing that strategy, and implementing it.

We were Drupal before Drupal was Cool

Dubbing themselves "the Sardines," the team followed the same model as the founders; setting up in a collaborative atmosphere, designer and coder, shoulder-to-shoulder.

Pingv was set up by Laura Scott as an independent video studio, yet in a matter of months her firm ended up building some of the largest enterprise Drupal sites anywhere.

Drupal Give

At PINGV, we love Drupal and have been developing websites with it since 2004. We give back to the community through contributing Drupal modules, Drupal themes and code patches on Drupal.org, writing documentation, helping others in IRC and issue queues, sharing knowledge online and at events, sponsoring Drupal events, and helping the Drupal community be more effective at making Drupal better.

We want to work with you!