Working backwards....


Photo of Pingv offices


Pingv moves to new offices in Boulder.

There's a lot that's happened in the intervening time, and more happening now. We'll fill this article in when we can.


The National Interest Magazine launches online. So does California Watch.


Laura and Kate reform Pingv, Inc., with a mission to provide strategy development and user experience design for online projects.

Clients include California Watch, University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), University of Colorado at Boulder, the City of Northglenn.

Before that....


With the launch of BlogHer imminent, and a new client about to sign, Laura and Kate form pingVision, LLC, focused on Drupal development for enterprise-level sites. The company grows rapidly into a powerhouse software company with offices in downtown Boulder, Colorado, garnering kudos and awards for some large-scale implementations, with clients including Stanford University, Popular Science Magazine, Sporting News, New York Public Library, and the Rocky Mountain News. During the Great Recession, Laura and Kate make the difficult decision to close down pingVision, LLC.


Laura founds pingV, an independent consultancy for interactive media. The main focus is to be in DVD production and online video, but very quickly the demand for Drupal services take over.


Wanting to get out of the flat websites world, Laura begins a focused search to find a Content Management System with which to build web applications. She examines Plone, Scoop, Mambo, various "Nukes", TikiWiki, WordPress, Moveable Type ... and Drupal, which she finds to be the most intuitive and understandable. She dives in into the vibrant and generally welcoming online Drupal community, asking beginner questions, learning from trial and error how to write php code, manage MySQL databases, and leverage the power of Drupal to build nifty websites and applications.

Soon she's not asking questions but answering them. Before long, people are wanting to hire her to consult on their Drupal projects.


Laura starts an online journal (in flat HTML), years before she ever hears the word, "blog." A couple of years later, she destroys the journal in a fit of morbid embarrassment. She still has no regrets about that.


The web is coming alive and Laura begins exploring HTML. She starts creating websites, mostly as experiments at first, then for ventures and small businesses.


Laura moves to Los Angeles and starts working freelance in television, video and independent film. Curious about this new Internet thing, she signs up to Compuserve.