People ask how it is that Pingv has helped on over 170 projects, many for clients that are household names. We think it is due in part to our pledge to our clients:

Our Pledge to Our Clients

Cost-effectiveness – We start with solutions that are the fastest to implement and most sustainable over the long haul. Wherever possible, we draw from pre-existing code and off-the-shelf modules.
Transparency – We're an open book: you know what we're doing, how we're doing. As a client, you have access to our internal systems where you can add or delete tickets, track burn-rates, and even help set our daily priorities.
Straight Talk – We tell it like it is. No surprises. We don't speak in jargon or coder-lingo. The better you understand, the better the outcome.
Excellence – We live, breathe, eat, sleep, and dream Drupal. We hit the ground running. You aren't paying for our learning curve.
Results – We stand by what we do.

We want to work with you!