What We Do

The Full-Meal Deal.

We do part, some, or all of your website creation work — and that includes mobile — to meet your needs.

Websites require a team and teamwork. Our clients are aware of this, and they are looking for a well-rounded team to integrate all the aspects of a website, not just one specialty.

No Feature Is an Island.

Building a website requires overlapping expertise.

Building a website requires overlapping expertise.

Virtually every feature or function calls on the expertise of many of the team members — sometimes briefly; other times more in depth.

Websites Are Means, Not an End.

Pingv is focused on your business needs. Concepts such as use life, return on investment, feature-benefit, tradeoff, payout, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are part of the language we understand and speak. It is not enough to build the site right; it is equally important to build the right site to achieve the client's business goals.

We are not out just to code something up; we are there to make something happen — successfully.

Future Proofing.

We follow best practices. That means your site will have a longer use life. And when it comes time to upgrade, the process will be an order of magnitude easier. Since we understand and are comfortable with all of the development process, we build sites that are scalable and extensible.

  • Scalable means that as your traffic grows, your site can be grown right along with it.
  • Extensible means that as new functionality is needed, the functionality can be more easily added.


As your partner, we work with you on a lasting solution.

Pingv is committed to long-term support of its partners.

Our Creative Process

Every project we do is centered around the UX. What happens when users come to your site? What do they see? What thoughts does it trigger? How does it make them feel? Do they know where they are? Do they know what they should do? (What they can do?) Who’s using the site? What do they need? How tech savvy are they? What do they like? Are they searching for something? Or someone? Do they have a task in mind?

iteration 0

Beautiful design succeeds with useful functionality. Great functionality is defined by a great User Experience.

Our Engineering Process

diagram of agile cycle

Our development process runs in a series of 2-week timeboxed iterations, set by velocity. Each iteration takes on a subset of the prioritized Project backlog, including varying elements of Drupal module installation and configuration, custom software development, import of existing content, and integration with third-party systems.

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