Floater Theme to get away from columns

As a part of wanting to throw out some of the outdated design furniture of the 20th century, I created a new theme to simply float content elements against each other.

Contributed in a stripped-down version to the Drupal community as the Floater Theme, this theme is about embracing the various kinds of devices and resolutions which people use to access the web. After all, your site could be viewed on a little crap handheld or a big screen 2550 pixels wide. And in theory you want everyone to be able to see what you're offering.

LauraScott.netThis screenshot is from the soon-to-be-launched LauraScott.net

The first Alpha 1 release of this theme for Drupal 7 has just a few basics:

  • The main content area is a fixed width.
  • Blocks in the "right sidebar" (as Drupal 7 currently calls the region) are of fixed width and height, so they float cleanly and line up well with the content.
  • Narrower-resolution screens get an alternative stacked layout of all the content.
  • Generic styling (assuming the primary use case will be using this theme only as a base theme).

Once Drupal 7 stabilizes into a Release Candidate, I plan to step into the regions definitions and simplify the regions in this theme. I've generally stayed away from all that for now simply because there's still too much change happening in Drupal 7.

I've been working with Drupal nearly six years now, designed and created dozens of Drupal themes, helped people with theming questions in IRC, and presented on Drupal theming at DrupalCons, but only now have I risen to the CVS challenge and contributed a theme (or any project). CVS is that notorious bugaboo (and barrier to entry) for many designers, but even so I don't know why CVS daunted me so much. I used Subversion (which is quite similar) for years. At PINGV we use Git for versioning. Even so, I was tempted to just wait until the Drupal community gets onto the Git footing later this year.

But today I decided I'd waited long enough. Too long. So there it is. I hope people like the theme. At this point, I have no firm plans on where to take it in terms of features and characteristics. I'm open to ideas.

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