Grok Drupal 7 Theming - update

Earlier this month at Drupal Design Camp Los Angeles 2011, I presented an update on Grok Drupal (7) Theming, which I had originally presented last year at DrupalCon San Francisco.

A lot has changed since March 2010.

how to get started
The presentation is for people who are new to Drupal theming, as well as those who want to get a better sense of what's new in Drupal 7 theming.

I expanded on the previous presentation, clarified some points, and replaced a few slides with better ones.

A video of my slide presentation is available on the DDCLA Blip TV site. The slides are kind of fuzzy because the recording app captured my presentation notes screen instead of my presentation screen. My sincere gratitude goes out to John Romine for taking care of all the session videos, including the cropping of my session to just the relevant slides.

The video should be legible enough, but I've also posted higher resolution slides up on Slideshare.

It was great meeting various folks at Drupal Design Camp LA. Big thanks to Christefano and Lee Vodra for their wonderful hospitality!

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