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City of Northglenn

The City of Northglenn needed a new, usable site where various stakeholders in various departments could update their part of the site, while still unifying the look and feel of the design.

One big challenge was usability. People trying to use the site weren't finding what they were looking for, and as a result the site had little traction in the community.

We were brought in to change that, and guide them towards a usable and sustainable site.

Read the City of Northglenn case study

Crowdsourcing Knowledge.

Resolving Door

The University of Colorado School of Journalism brings crowdsourced answers to students' pressing questions.

Unlike most websites, which conceptually are typically places for people to consume information, and perhaps share back thoughts or content for others to consume — "Websites are conversations" — the Resolving Door project embodied the user experience characteristics of a web application. That is, it's a website in that it has a URL and can be accessed in a browser, but its purpose is to be a tool to help the user do something rather specific.

In this case, the site's purpose is to provide the means for University of Colorado students to ask questions and post answers.

Read the Resolving Door case study


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